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Aerial platform course with certificate Eemshaven

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Aerial platform course with certificate Eemshaven

concentration from the user. An aerial work platform training that teaches your employees how to work safely is a must, because many accidents still happen when working with the aerial work platform. The course that we can give your employees not only ensures greater safety, but also efficiency on your shop floor.

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In our training centre in Tynaarlo, we hold weekly aerial work platform courses. During practice, we use three types of aerial work platforms, including a scissor work platform and a structured telescopic work platform.

Who is the AWP instruction course for?

The instruction course in aerial work platforms is suitable for both beginners and advanced aerial work platform operators. The minimum age is 18.

Purpose of training for aerial work platform certificate

After the training, trainees will be able to work very safely with an aerial work platform, carry out day-to-day maintenance and identify any faults.

Table of Contents

The aerial platform course covers the following topics:
• Technical Engineering
• Occupational Health and Safety Act
• Models/Types

• Safety Devices
• Safety Requirements• Control/Maintenance
• Stable Set-Up
• Operation/Use

IPAF Eemshaven

HOC Education and Training is an IPAF-certified training centre. IPAF is an internationally recognised certification for aerial work platform operators and gives exemption for SOG.

SSVV Training Guide (SOG)

Training for specific high-risk tasks or work in a high-risk environment for operational staff of companies that carry out high-risk work in, or for, the companies affiliated to the VNCI, VNPI, Deltalinqs, NOGEPA and SIR. These employees must comply with the training requirements set out in this training guide within the framework of question 3.4 of the SCC 2008/5.1. These exams can be taken at HOC Opleiding & Training in Tynaarlo.
3 types are distinguished: 1B, 3A and 3B.

Extra information

Duration: 1 day, including exam
Location: Training centre Tynaarlo or in-company.
Course participants receive a certificate and a pass after the exam.
The course can also be provided in the evenings and/or on Saturdays.



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