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Forklift certificate

Groningen Eeemshaven

Get your forklift certificate in De Eemshaven Groningen

Safety in the workplace is something that cannot be paid enough attention to. After all, it’s true that an accident can happen at any time. This is certainly the case in companies where forklift trucks are used. Did you know that on average seven people die every year in forklift accidents? At HOC Education and Training, we want to help reduce this number as much as possible and make the situation in the workplace as safe as possible. We help you and your people to get the forklift certificate in De Eemshaven.

Get a forklift truck certificate in De Eemshaven Groningen

It is important to know what to look out for before you start driving a forklift. After all, driving a forklift is not easy. There are many things to consider when driving a forklift truck. Think of all the safety regulations involved. Our forklift certificate course covers all this. Damage prevention and efficiency are very important elements here. In our training course, you and/or your staff will master all the basic skills for operating a forklift truck, so that the forklift truck can be used competently.

Want to know more about a forklift certificate in Eemshaven Groningen?

Getting a forklift certificate in De Eemshaven is something that is compulsory for anyone who wants to operate a forklift. This is not surprising, as a forklift truck comes with a lot of dangers. During our forklift truck certificate course in De Eemshaven, we cover topics such as safety, driving control, stability and operation. If you follow the course with us, you can get your forklift certificate in De Eemshaven. Our institute is located in Tynaarlo, but we can also visit your company in De Eemshaven.


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